Wicki Daniela

Wicki Daniela

I am thoroughly inspired and moved by the actions the development of a painting continuously requires. I like the process and seek out the experience of coming across something: discovery, chance, adventure. From the beginning, this puts me in a positive mood, which I must persistently follow until each artwork is achieved. For me, art is an aesthetic, ethical and ultimately spiritual force: a challenge made in the experience of finding in each and every creation a self realization, a self portrait of my own energy, a landscape of forces, life in motion rather than still-life.

My commitment is to meet the challenge and my goal to express my feelings, moreover, to communicate to others, life's positive energy through the instrument of my art, but finally the viewer becomes the director of its own imagination, he has to think of himself as a traveler open to an experience.

Born in Lima (Peru) to Swiss parents. Formed initially in classical painting during her teenage years, Daniela Wicki left the world of painting for a successful career as a lawyer and business ventures, which led her to New York. The city's energy and its Museum of Modern Art developed her individual abstract sensibility and triggered a powerful creative response influencing her decision to go back to painting full time.

ln 1995 she moved back to Peru where she studied and worked along major contemporary Peruvian artists. In 1997 she moved to Miami, USA, where she continues her creative work immersed full time as a painter. During her career she has had a number of successful local and international exhibits with the acclaim of critics, a strong presence in important collections and wide recognition of her force as a painter.

Link: http://www.danielawicki.com


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