Thorarinsdottir Steinunn

Thorarinsdottir Steinunn

Steinunn Thorarinsdottir is an Icelandic sculptor born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1955. She lived in England and Italy where she got her training as a sculptor. Steinunn has been working professionally for 30 years and has exhibited widely in Europe, Japan, USA and Australia.

Her works are in private, public and corporate collections in many countries. She has through the years done numerous commissions both indoor in specific spaces as well as site specific outdoor work.

She works in various forms of sculpture and uses many different materials for her artistic expression. From the beginning of her career she has worked figuratively and her emphasis has been to explore the human condition in all it´s complexity, variety and strangeness.

Peter Osborne, Director of Osborne Samuel in Mayfair, London: "The works of S.T. are figurative but have an anonymous quality, magical alchemical creations that she infuses with life, humanizes and sets forth to take their place in the landscape.   Evidently one can see in her work her Northern roots, the bleak, rugged volcanic environment, the toughness and stand-alone independence of remote islanders.

The figures represent mankind in a general sense and reflect Steinunn´s  belief that the power of sculpture can connect individuals to each other and to the wider environment."


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